The farm "Star of Sicily " is located within an olive grove of about 3 acres bordering the beach and is mainly engaged in production of oil while reserving large areas for growing organic fruits and vegetables that are used for the preparation of preserves and tasty dishes that can be tasted by guests of the farm .

Upon reservation , you can have dinner and / or lunch at our hotel . Our kitchen offers a sampling of simple but tasty dishes , with the use of products of our company and our territory . In particular, we use : peppers , eggplant , tomatoes, cucumber , olive oil, zucchini and pumpkins , herbs , as well as our meat such as chicken , rabbit, turkey .

Everything will be linked to the season ! Already the breakfast will be an opportunity to taste the fruit and organic jams of our production .

All this can be enjoyed on the terrace of the farm " Stella di Sicilia " , surrounded by nature and by the sounds of the countryside and the sea .

Our company wants to offer tourists a relaxing and friendly , wants to share with you all the love and respect for nature .

The owner has enriched the company of a number of services at the disposal of our guests such as swimming pool , solarium on the beach , canoes , mountain biking , spacious lawns for sports use , table tennis , exercise areas picnic with barbecue , tables and benches , think tank , and more , in addition to our fullest availability to make you spend a holiday to remember .

The company "Star of Sicily " also makes direct sales of its productions at zero miles . "


Notizie flash

The farmhouse Stella di Sicilia will be open from 26/05/2017. Offer double room 26 to 28 March 2016 + two lunches € 200.00 (two people);- New fixed telephone number 0921 766194;Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic production company 2015/2016 direct selling € 8.00 / liter;


Tasting of our dishes

The appetizer
The chopping Sicilian € 8.00
The portion of Parmesan or caponata € 4.00
the first
Pasta alla Norma € 7.00
Pasta swordfish and eggplant € 8.00
the second
Slice chicken breast / rabbit / turkey with salad € 8.00
Meat rolls with salad € 8.00
Fried anchovies our sea with salad € 9.00
The grilled vegetarian € 6.00
The sandwich plate
Nebrodi ( black pig salami , cheese Nebrodi ) € 4.00
The summer ( seasonal grilled vegetables , 
cheese Nebrodi ) € 4.00
the sweet
The cannoli with ricotta € 2.50
the fruit
The variety of seasonal fruits € 2.50
This menu can be modified depending on 
the season and will be supplemented by
daily specials and drink .